A group of students study together in a classroom setting. A computer monitor displays information about accessibility.
Newsletter | February 2024
Accessibility standards can be tough to spot for the non-disabled layperson if they don’t use screen readers or other assistive technology.

So what should faculty look for?
Two instructors, a man and woman, each hold a pencil and work on a sheet of paper to map equity-centered teaching practices to their learning plan.
Newsletter | July 2023
Equity-centered teaching practices are vital for the success of students learning inside a classroom or virtually, making planning for equitable access to opportunities a critical part of implementing digital learning. Here are seven “planning” steps to enable equity-centered teaching practices.
A female instructor engages with their virtual class on a laptop, smiling and waving to the students to build community and engagement.
Newsletter | May 2023
Student engagement is crucial to learning in any course, whether it is fully online or mostly in-person with some online activities via courseware. Traditionally, student engagement has been treated as the responsibility of the student. Faculty often viewed their jobs as "setting the table" and assumed students would "eat if they’re hungry.”
Two women share in courseware research on a MacBook Pro.
Newsletter | April 2023
Students are engaged when they have agency in the course structure and content. Facilitating students’ connections to the material, to their peers, and to the instructors are key steps toward that goal.
Overhead view of a student taking notes while a woman teaches an online class on a computer screen.
Newsletter | March 2023
Welcome to the March 2023 edition of the CourseGateway Newsletter. We are excited to share some of our favorite articles recently posted to the CourseGateway blog.
Cover image of an intro video for CourseGateway, featuring an animation of students at various locations on their college campus.
Newsletter | February 2023
Welcome to the first issue of the CourseGateway Newsletter. We are excited to share some of the recent articles posted to the CourseGateway website.