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An overhead-view illustration of of four students working around a table in an active classroom setting.
How Redesign and Faculty Training Boost the Use of Active Learning Classrooms
Active learning classrooms, which support various formats of teaching and learning, have proven their efficiency. Despite the fact that the COVID-19 pandemic slowed the pace of development for active learning classrooms, colleges and universities continue to create these spaces. However, infrastructure development does not always result in effective space usage or in improved learning experiences.
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A diverse group of students gather around a computer in a college library, experiencing social-emotional learning.
Social-Emotional Learning In Higher Ed and It's Impact on Equity Efforts
Social-emotional learning is an instructional framework that promotes the development of skills that allow a student to manage their emotions, engage constructively with others, and identify and work toward personal, career, or life goals. Students who have been in schools or classrooms using social-emotional learning have experienced benefits touching on academics (including learning outcomes, persistence, and retention), behavioral health, the learning community, and careers.
A college instructor interacts with a diverse group of students.
15 Resources on Equity-Centered Faculty Development to Support Implementing Courseware
Selecting courseware and making it available to faculty who are teaching gateway courses will be useful for closing equity gaps only if faculty have the particular knowledge and skills to use the technology effectively.
Abstract illustrations of a yin yang, a brain, and connective gears represent foundation models and modes of working.
EDUCAUSE's 2023 Top 10 IT Issues Are Here
The EDUCAUSE 2023 Top 10 IT Issues help describe the foundation models that colleges and universities will develop next year and beyond, acting on what was learned in the pandemic and framed by the three building blocks of leadership, data, and work and learning. See where things are headed in 2023 and beyond.
A collge lecture hall is filled with a diverse group of students.
How a Strengths-based Approach in Education Enables Equity Efforts
A strengths-based approach in education asks what assets students have drawn on or developed in order to succeed so far and designs curricula, systems, and supports to take advantage of those assets. That contrasts with beginning a lesson, course, or support initiative with the goal of filling in or remediating an apparent lack in college readiness or academic success.
Digital illustration of online courseware covering math, science, and literature.
Digital Transformation in Higher Education: 7 Areas for Enhancing Digital Learning
This EDUCAUSE Review article reflects on current practices and directions for Dx through a framework that supports the strategic responses and structural changes that higher education institutions could implement to enhance digital teaching and learning.
Two colleagues working together in a modern office environment.
CourseGateway Product Advisory Board is Seeking New Members
CourseGateway is looking for new members to join our team with experience in evaluating and implementing digital courseware and other digital learning resources across a diverse set of institutional settings. Apply by November 6.