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Photo shot from behind of two women working together on a Macbook Pro

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Photo shot from behind of two women working together on a Macbook Pro

How to Close the Gap Between Faculty and Instructional Designers

Instructional designers can serve as valuable partners to implement new courses. Yet in many higher education institutions, the collaboration between faculty and instructional designers is not prioritized. Instructional designers are often treated as the “tech support desk” for courseware and other new digital learning technologies instead of as an integral part of course planning.

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10+ Resources for Faculty Building Community in Online Learning Spaces

Students who share common learning goals and feel connected with each other and their instructor are operating as a community. Building community is particularly important in remote or digital learning contexts, including when faculty and instructional designers depend heavily on courseware.

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The Role of Faculty Development in Digital Transformation (Dx)

In higher education, conversations about digital transformation, or Dx, are often assumed to be the domain of IT professionals working on systems that improve recruitment, enrollment, scheduling, purchasing, and other operations.

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The 4 Pillars of Active Learning Practices for Online Instructors

Online courses may not seem like an obvious environment for active learning, but they can be, says Jennifer Qian, a professor of education at Louisiana State University.

“A great educator is a great educator, no matter the course delivery mode,” she explains. “Active learning should be the goal in all environments. It’s the best way to engage students in the learning process.”

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How Faculty Can Use Courseware Data to Inform Their Teaching Practices

The student learning data generated by digital courseware can be a useful resource for instructors, but many faculty are unsure how to start accessing and interpreting it — or even whether that data is valuable.

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Courseware Product Reviewers Wanted

We are excited to announce an opportunity to become a Product Reviewer for CourseGateway. As a Product Reviewer, you will evaluate digital courseware aligned with 20 gateway courses using a product evaluation rubric designed exclusively for products featured on our platform.

The rubric includes an equity-aligned focus prioritizing technical solutions (features, functionalities, capabilities) to enable equitable outcomes for targeted populations.

If you are interested in becoming a CourseGateway Product Reviewer or learning more about available stipends, please complete the CourseGateway 2023 Product Review Interest Form by August 4.

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