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Using Data to Put Student Support at the Center of the Academic Alert Process

A few years ago, inspired by what she learned participating in the EDUCAUSE Data Literacy Institute, Tanya Brown began to dig into the data from the student success platform she administers for Arapahoe Community College.

Right away, she had three concerning observations: When faculty used the system, “recommend withdraw” was the second most common alert they sent to advisors; they used that alert disproportionately for students of color; and, in general, the alerts didn’t do enough to facilitate conversations about getting students the support they needed to succeed.

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Teaching Critical Thinking with Social Annotation Software

One traditional assignment that humanities and social sciences faculty use to help undergraduates develop critical thinking is the primary source analysis.

The assignment requires students to engage with the material, analyze its context, and draw meaningful conclusions based on evidence. A typical primary source analysis assignment will ask students to consider the context the source was created in and for what purpose.

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How University of Central Florida Clarified Criteria for Evaluating Adaptive Courseware

With a growing number of adaptive courseware products on the market, the task of choosing the right tool or combination of tools has become more difficult for institutions. What are the criteria to use during the evaluation process to ensure that courseware meets the technical needs of an organization and its standards for accessibility and equity?

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Building Bridges, Saving Lives: A First-Gen Student’s Impact

When she was still in high school, Safa Ghaya, now a senior at Georgia Institute of Technology, was in dual enrollment courses at her local community college and started to notice how technology helps bridge gaps for some students but creates wider gaps for others.

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How Course Design for Neurodiverse Learners Promotes Success

Designing for neurodivergence is likely to be an important part of teaching and learning in higher education as the increasing number of children diagnosed with the neurodivergent conditions graduate from high school.

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