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Photo shot from behind of two women working together on a Macbook Pro

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Photo shot from behind of two women working together on a Macbook Pro

Maximizing Learning Outcomes: How to Choose Courseware for Adaptive Learning

Courseware offers potential benefits such as flexibility and convenience, support for remote and hybrid learning, and cost savings. But one challenge for faculty selecting courseware is that the terms “adaptive learning” and “adaptive courseware” are often used in ways that are confusing or misleading.

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Building Bridges to Equity: Andrea Harris in Education

After finishing a degree in political science, Harris began a master’s program in sociology. However, a shortage of teachers in her home state of Mississippi would change the course of her life. After acquiring an emergency K-12 teaching license, she began teaching full-time while completing her master’s degree.

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Cybersecurity and Privacy: How Faculty Can Protect Themselves and Their Students

While most colleges and universities have IT professionals dedicated to cybersecurity issues, everyone in the institution has a role to play. This is especially true of faculty who are involved in selecting new courseware products, using them alongside other technology, asking large numbers of students to use multiple technology products, collecting data about students, and conducting research projects that may involve sensitive data.

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Incorporating Formative Assessments into Digital Courseware

Formative assessment is the use of frequent, timely, low-stakes activities that check students’ knowledge or skills. Formative assessment can be short quizzes or reflective writing of only a few sentences. It contrasts with summative assessments such as midterm exams and final papers, which have high stakes and are meant to demonstrate progress comprehensively. Whereas the goal of summative assessment is to evaluate, formative assessment monitors and gives actionable feedback.

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