Student Voice

Meet the Students

Anybody in education will tell you that the torch of learning isn’t passed from instructor to student but also student to student. These folks prove it – they’re invaluable to us. 

These remarkable individuals weave a tapestry of diversity with their unique life experiences and aspirations. Through the lens of their distinct backgrounds and unwavering commitment, they are instrumental in driving positive change in higher education and beyond. Allow us to introduce you to the bright minds shaping our internship program.

A photo of Safa Ghaya, a student intern from the Georgia Institute of Technology.
Safa Ghaya
Georgia Institute of Technology
Biomedical Engineering

Safa Ghaya, a senior at Georgia Tech, is pursuing a major in biomedical engineering alongside a certificate in marketing. As an intern with CourseGateway, Ghaya is tremendously excited about the opportunity to contribute to fostering a positive impact for underrepresented students in the realm of education. 


The prevalence of inequity serves as a significant motivation, propelling her to leverage her skills and experience in crafting solutions that work toward its reduction. Looking ahead, her aspirations are anchored in a future career within the healthcare field, where she aims to play a role in mitigating global healthcare disparities. 

A photo of Zoey Solano, a student intern from the University of North Carolina Greensboro.
Zoey Solano
University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Elementary Education, English Concentration and Minor

Zoey Solano is a junior at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Zoey's academic journey revolves around elementary education, complemented by two minors in English and American Sign Language. It's with great enthusiasm that she embraces this opportunity to collaborate with Every Learner Everywhere and CourseGateway, where she intends to broaden her understanding of higher education and its vast resources. 


Zoey's passion lies in ensuring equitable resources across classrooms of all levels, emphasizing universal access to communication and the principles of universal design for learning. This summer, she is eagerly looking forward to further expanding her horizons in the realm of education.

A photo of Kaitlyn Taylor, a student intern from Jackson State University.
Kaitlyn Taylor
Jackson State University
English, Concentration in Creative Writing, Music Minor

Kaitlyn Taylor is a senior at Jackson State University, hailing from Jackson, Mississippi. Her passion for storytelling led her to major in English with a concentration in creative writing, alongside a minor in music, where she masters the bassoon. 


Upon graduation, Kaitlyn's sights are set on a master of fine arts in creative writing. She envisions a future as a writer, a literary editor, and a musician, pursuing her dreams passionately.

A photo of Nakhia Franks, a student intern from the Claflin University.
Nakhia Franks
Claflin University
Psychology, Philosophy Minor

Nakhia Franks of Claflin University is a psychology major with a heart full of compassion. Her journey involves founding "Raising Our Crowns," an organization that fosters self-love, healing, and well-being for women of diverse backgrounds. 


Nakhia's research on effective treatment for traumatic experiences among minority adolescents reflects her dedication to mental health and a vision of becoming a clinical psychologist.